Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Melanin is the anti-Chlorophyll.

This is the secret to why plants and animals are the exactly opposite living things of each other, the balance that is required to keep the secrets of the universe in their natural order.

Why Melanin is the anti-Chlorophyll?
1. Melanin does nothing to provide energy to the body. Chlorophyll is required for respiration, hence food production. Exactly opposite behaviour with respect to energy production in a living body.

2. The presence of melanin is more in the parts of the body that gets the most sunlight. Hence, presence of melanin is proportional to exposure to sunlight. The presence of chlorophyll is in inverse proportion to the exposure to sunlight. The side of the leaf which faces up ward or towards the sun is always lighter in shade of green as compared to the side of the leaf which faces downward or in the direction opposite to that of sunlight. Again exactly opposite behaviour with respect to sunlight.

Hence, proved.